Equipping for Mission Coaching Cohort

Imagine if in just 12 month’s time you and your team had gone far deeper into BOTH missional thinking AND everyday practice?
How many more lost people would be impacted and discipled to faith in Jesus?

This could be one of the most strategic investments you make!

You are invited to be part of a small group of like-minded leaders who are determined to consistently live on mission and equip others to do the same. 

Over a 12 month process we will pour into you a custom mix of theological, philosophical, and practical training. The focus throughout will be on building a robust missional mindset alongside personal experience of everyday missionary practices. You will develop your own back-catalog of stories and experiences, so that you can better train and equip others in these vital skills and practices. 

What You’ll Experience…

  • 12 month process where we will personally walk you through the core material on missional thinking and practice.
  • Practical homework throughout each month that will force you to learn and grow in different skills (for instance, actually naming your Person of Peace and working out your next steps with them). As a group we will reflect upon those experiences and subsequently make course corrections to increase our fruitfulness.
  • Increased confidence to train others in Biblically sound, pastorally wise and faith-filled ways. Our aim is that you can take what we share and, mixed in with your experiences, be able to equip your church.

LEARN from our 25 years+ of living missionally!

  • We’ve church planted
  • Transitioned churches into missional and disciple-making cultures
  • Personally started multiple missional communities/ micro churches
  • Raised our sons to live as Spirit-empowered missionaries wherever we live, work, study, or play!

We’ve tried thousands of little experiments, made lots of mistakes, seen Jesus impact hundreds and hundreds of lives, read widely, learned from experts and pioneers from many nations, and sought to make the most of every opportunity to see the beautiful Kingdom of Jesus advance!

Topics Will Include:

  • The Blue Ocean of opportunity for the church 
  • Mission Dei and the missional church
  • Defining missional communities/ micro churches
  • How to set a clear mission vision for a group
  • ‘One Of’ and incarnational practice
  • How to make disciple-making central to mission
  • The values of a missional culture
  • Leadership, apprentices, and group multiplication
  • How to include toddlers, children and teens
  • Living on mission in naturally supernatural ways
  • Keeping missional life sustainable
  • Building a deeply attractive community 
  • How to use the Bible in group life
    … and much much more!


How The Cohort Will Work

  • To make this as accessible as possible, all of the coaching will be done through video calls on Zoom.
  • We will meet as a group 2 times per month, for about 55 minutes on each occasion.
  • Each time we will bring input, have lots of interaction as a group, and talk through our successes and failures as we attempt to live out what we are learning. 
  • The cohort will be small-group size and will be led by us (Alex and/or Hannah).
  • While we operate out of friendship (e.g. if you drop out we won’t make you pay for the remaining months!), you should join expecting to make this a key focus for you over the next year


What Will This Cost?

While there is a financial cost to be part of the cohort, to be honest we are less interested in increasing the quantity of money coming in and more concerned with increasing the quality of people coming in and how equipped they feel going out. We’ve been told we could charge $129, $149, even $179! – but we really don’t want cost to be the barrier.

So the price for the cohort – including 2 video cohort calls each month, plus all the bonuses – is just $79 a month.

PLUS you can access additional discounts! 

  • If you are married the membership is for you AND your spouse, at no extra charge! (We simply ask that you try to share the same computer for the video calls, to keep the group manageable.)
  • If there are several of you from the same church, we offer significant discounts – contact us for details
  • Whatever plan you are on, if you pay for a whole year in advance then we’ll give you an additional 5% discount.
  • If you are a church planter who really can’t afford it, we have a small scholarship fund to help – talk to us directly. 




Part of the reason for our low pricing is that we want to spread the news of this cohort to as many churches and leaders as possible. There are so many leaders who are hungry to step into missional life, but don’t know where to turn for Biblical, practical, grounded coaching. This is a new and unique format – we want it to grow and spread. 

If we give you this low price of $79/ month, we simply ask that during the year you will commit to prayerfully give us 3 referrals of people who you think would benefit from joining a future cohort. That will really help you by giving you a fabulous deal on price! And it will hugely help us, because our desire is to equip as widely as possible, and so by you introducing us to three other qualified leaders, that enables us to train more people. Win-win-win! 

(For those who like the details, during the 12 months you will identify 3 leaders with whom you have a genuine personal relationship and who would be a good fit for a future group. You’ll call them up, share with them about your honest experience of the cohort and why it would benefit them, and ask if you can connect them with us. We’ll give you specific coaching on how to do this, to make it simple and easy to do. Even if they say no thank you, we’ll regard you as having fulfilled your commitment to us.)


PLUS, receive this FREE $250 bonus!

During the year you will have the option for two personal calls with Hannah or Alex, lasting up to 30 minutes. These will be a place for you to ask personal application or church implementation questions. Or how to make tea properly – because you set the agenda! 

People pay up to $250 for personal coaching from us – so this is a high value bonus, for FREE, because we are committed to investing into you and your fruitfulness!


Here’s what you need to do to reserve your place in the Equipping for Mission Coaching Cohort

  1.  Click the yellow button and complete the form.
  2.  We’ll reply to confirm your exact pricing (if you are eligible for any of our discounts or scholarships),and give you details on how to pay for your place.


When will the next Cohort start?

  • Tuesdays at 11.30am PST/ 12.30pm MST/ 1.30pm CST/ 2.30pm EST – starting October 26, 2021

This group will be capped at 10 screens – so the quicker you get your information in the quicker we can reserve you your place!


Still have questions?

Send us an email – alex {at} dandelionresourcing.com. No detail is too small, or question too basic, so please do ask away.


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