• Is it Biblical to actively seek to bring supernatural healing on a regular basis?
  • How do we hold together both the now and the not yet of the presence of the Kingdom of God?
  • What role does our faith play in seeing healing take place?

Jesus repeatedly commissioned His followers to go and heal the sick, as part of their proclamation and demonstration that the Kingdom has come near.  Yet, many of us don’t live this as a lifestyle…

  • Some of you have never seen this modeled in a clear way and thus you don’t know how to go about healing – so what you need is a memorable template to work from. 
  • Others of you are deeply worried about what will happen to those who don’t experience healing if you pray for them – so what you need is an approach that is both faith-filled and pastorally wholesome. 
  • Meantime a few of you simply refuse to obey Jesus’ clear commands in this area, instead relying on dodgy theological artifices that attempt to excuse such faithlessness – so what you need is to repent of your disobedience. 

The next step for all of us to recommit to an active trust that the resurrection power of Jesus changes everything – body, soul, mind and spirit – and that salvation is not merely an exercise in sin-management, since Jesus wants to redeem both the spiritual and the material worlds. 

In this new video, Hannah and Alex Absalom bring some clear, Biblical, practical teaching on how to heal the sick. They tackle some of the more common objections, and give you a simple list of 5 words that walk you through a proven process when you are pursuing supernatural healing. 


1. Pray for an opportunity to heal the sick this week. Be bold when you get those moments!

We suggest that you start a record of those times, so you can track what happens, and learn from your successes and failures along the way.

2. Is there anyone else you should invite to join you in this sacred commitment?


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