What Kingdom impact could you have if you could be twice as bold in your interactions with the lost? Or maybe three times more! The key is learning how to pray more for those you meet!

While it can feel such growth is impossible, in this short video you can discover three simple steps that ANYONE who loves Jesus can take – and which will help you learn how to pray more often for the people you meet.

Our eldest son, Joel, is away at college, and has disciplined himself to grow more consistent in praying for those he meets, whatever their spiritual or material state.

Joel shares an inspiring story of how he stopped to interact with a homeless man near campus, and how Jesus brought almost instant physical healing into that man’s body. He then shares three practical tips that have really helped him embrace this as a lifestyle. He has learned how to pray for others!

Check out the video here – and then respond to the exercise in the comments below.




  1. Put a note beside your bed, or set an early morning phone reminder, to ask Jesus for an opportunity to share about Him in your day ahead.
  2. When you encounter a possible opening, choose to pray for boldness rather than look for an excuse! Arrow prayers are legal! Try, “Lord, please help me to see what You are doing here and empower me to join in!”
  3. What inspiring stories do you have from your life about learning how to pray for others?



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