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Stop Saying “If It Be Your Will” Prayers!

Why do 'If it be Your will' prayers demonstrate a lack of faith? How do we know healing is God's will? Do we need special permission to heal the sick? When we pray for the sick, we should step into the moment with great boldness and faith, because our confidence rests...

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How To Handle Highly Demanding People

Do you have people in your group who are always demanding extra time and attention for their latest crisis - but very little ever seems to get resolved?Are there certain 'Extra Grace Required' (EGRs) types around, with whom you have to work extra hard to show love and...

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How to Heal the Sick

Is it Biblical to actively seek to bring supernatural healing on a regular basis? How do we hold together both the now and the not yet of the presence of the Kingdom of God? What role does our faith play in seeing healing take place? Jesus repeatedly commissioned His...

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Discipling and Apprenticing Leaders

What does it mean to be focused on discipling and apprenticing leaders? Who should I pick? What do I do? Jesus calls us to become not only His disciples, but also disciple-makers of others. We are to show others how to become more like Him. But for many, that is...

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How To Lead A Discovery Bible Study

  In your group life, do you find that only a few people feel confident to share what they see in the Bible? Would you like a simple viral way to train others in how to read the Bible... and wonder if Discovery Bible Study might be a way forward? How confident...

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“I am intentionally investing in my Person of Peace”

  "I'm so busy - I can't possibly be sharing my faith all these people!" "As I think about my friends, family and neighbors who are unchurched, how do I know who to invest into?" "What did Jesus teach us about evangelism and how to grow the church?" The principle...

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How Our Faith Journeys Shape Our Mission Today

  Do certain faith journeys excuse us from being focused on mission? How do I honor my spiritual heritage without being help captive by it? Can someone with little or no Christian heritage still be used by Jesus? For both of us, our faith journeys deeply shape...

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How To Pray More For People You Meet

  What Kingdom impact could you have if you could be twice as bold in your interactions with the lost? Or maybe three times more! The key is learning how to pray more for those you meet! While it can feel such growth is impossible, in this short video you can...

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The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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