• Can food, drinks and socializing really advance the Gospel in significant ways?
  • If Jesus and parties went together, how do we do the same while still keeping a radical holiness?
  • What might this look like as a sustainable rhythm of living?

Jesus was known as a “glutton, drunkard, and friend of sinners” (Luke 7:34) for a good reason. He was not afraid to spend time with people who were far from God (whether in lifestyle or belief), risking being tarred with the same brush of accusation, because He was (is) focused on wooing as many as possible back to the Father.

The same lesson applies to us today. To reach our friends, neighbors and colleagues who are far from God, we must be willing to invest decent quantities of time with them. And one of the simplest and most natural ways to do so is by sharing in food, drink and social times. 

In our post-modern culture, more than ever people want to know that they are accepted and valued as they are. As Christians forming communities on mission in our neighborhoods and networks, we must allow our friends simply to belong before they need to decide whether they want to believe or behave like us.

In this video, Hannah and Alex share a bunch of practical thoughts on how to throw parties that advance the Kingdom, Jesus and parties, and how to be intentional in eating and drinking with those outside of your household.


  1.  How many times a week will you commit to eating or drinking with those far from Jesus? 
  2.  Will you put this on your calendar?
  3.  Look at your calendar for the next couple of months. When would be a good time to host a party?


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