• “I’m so busy – I can’t possibly be sharing my faith all these people!”
  • “As I think about my friends, family and neighbors who are unchurched, how do I know who to invest into?”
  • “What did Jesus teach us about evangelism and how to grow the church?”

The principle of the Person of Peace is a complete game changer for sharing your faith!

Based out of Jesus’ teaching in Luke 10, we are called to focus our limited proactive time and energy on sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who are most likely to respond. In Jesus’ language, where the fields are most white unto harvest.

The joy of asking Jesus to show us our Person of Peace (often this will be multiple People of Peace) is that it is all about relationships!

In other words, instead of having to do some socially obnoxious methodology of evangelism, we are to look for the ones who are most open to how Christ looks in us. (Bear in mind that Jesus so graciously allows Himself to be reflected through of prism of your unique personality, gifts and story.)

We describe it like this: ‘They like you, and you like them’! Being on mission is not intended to be relational torture!! It CAN be deeply challenging, and it might well be cross-cultural or outside of your comfort zone, but it is take place within the context of relationships.

Interestingly, Jesus rarely gives us specific strategies laid out in detail – but He does so here when teaching about Person of Peace. Perhaps He is smarter than we realize in knowing full well how uncomfortable many of us find sharing our faith!

Jesus Himself lived out the principle of Person of Peace, and it is a practice that is modeled throughout the New Testament. We can see over 10 clear examples (how many can you find? To start you off, the Woman at the Well in John 4, and the Philippian Jailor in Acts 16. Who else can you think of?)

To help you idenitfy your own Person of Peace, we have created this short teaching video. As you watch, be asking yourself:

  • When in the past have you had a Person of Peace in your life (because that will help illustrate the concept, even if you never followed through on the opening)?
  • Who might be a Person of Peace for you and your household today?





  1. Who in the Bible qualifies as a Person of Peace? Try to find at least 6 examples!
  2. Identify your Person of Peace. Write their name down and pray for them by name daily.
  3. In the next two weeks, what are you specifically going to do to invest in that relationship? Put space on your calendar to follow through.




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